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What do you offer as a homeschool group?

As a member of our group you may choose from parties, play dates, monthly field trips, co-op twice a year, teen events, community service, optional standardized testing every other year, science fair every other year, moms night out monthly, as numbers call for it- kindergarten and high school graduation, monthly girl’s art club, and monthly boy’s art club.


We have online grade and attendance reporting and a written transcript for each child kept up to date by our school and a wonderful group of support from our moms!

Oh yeah, and we fit school in there somewhere! ;)

How much is tuition?
$300 per year per family. You may pay all at once, or make monthly payments of $30 August – May. Please see the registration page for more details.
What grades do you cover?
We are a cover school for all ages of children who are of school age through high school. Many of our families have younger children so we also offer events for the smaller variety as well called The Young Explorers Program (see this page for details) .

We do offer Kindergarten graduation as numbers call for it if you choose. By Alabama state law a child must be registered in school by 6 years of age.

How many days make up a school year?
In accordance with the Church School Exclusionary Law, our school year has a required attendance of 170 days.

Please see the handbook section of the website for more details.

Is FCCS accredited?
FCCS does not seek accreditation. Adherence to state or county criteria would add nothing to FCCS’s program.

Accreditation usually refers to an evaluation done by an accrediting body to check standards set by a local school system. In this sense, accreditation certifies that a certain amount of floor space is available for school activities, a certain number of books are in the library, etc.

Accreditation does not, in itself, guarantee excellence in education, as the current state of public education testifies. If you are concerned about accreditation, however, we urge you to consult with colleges before enrolling your children in FCCS.

I have questions about Common Core.
This is a great list of FAQ’s on the subject posted by HSLDA.
How do I know if I am qualified to teach my child/children? I don’t have a teaching degree.
Most homeschool families are not lead by a board certified teacher.

First I ask, Do you love your child? Have you not been teaching them from the moment they were born? I have many teachers in my family and as friends. I respect that role in our society tremendously. But the school classroom does not fit every child. If you desire to homeschool and are willing to put the time and effort in to it, you will succeed. So many teaching tools are available today, that not being a “teacher” is not a problem.

Also, several companies now offer video classes to go along with curricula.  And there are extra curricular groups available, that offer some class time. This can be especially helpful for high school classes that might be hard in the home.

We offer How to Homeschool meetings, yearly, to answer some of these and other questions families that are new to homeschool might have.

How Do I choose a curriculum or do you choose one for me?
You decide what is best for your children, but we are happy to offer advice. There are hundreds to choose from.

One thing that is helpful for new homeschooling families and returning ones alike, is the Homeschool convention CHEF (Christian Homeschool Education Fellowship of Alabama).  They have a multi day even every year with speakers, book vendors and a used book sale. It is a great way to see what is out there.

We also have links for certain curriculum companies under resources.

Where do I drop off my kids?
You don’t.

YOU HOMEschool YOUR kids at YOUR home.

Do you socialize your kids?
Considering that word actually means to make into a Socialist, ah….no.

Do we allow our children the opportunity to socialize with others, please see the “What do you offer as a homeschool group?” I don’t want to type all that twice.

Do you detect sarcasm, why yes, yes you do, and you will anytime you ask a homeschool family that question.

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