Young Explorers Program

Faith Community Christian School

Young Explorers Program

This program is for families whose children have not reached the age of 6.

The state of Alabama does not require a child to be registered under a cover school until they are 6 years of age. For those families whose children are younger than 6 that want to try out a group, but don’t necessarily want to keep up with grades or pay the full price for being a part of a cover school, we have this group. Families can pay $25 per sememster (or $50 per year) and still participate in all the aspects of FCCS. The only difference is that we don’t send in a Church School Enrollment form on your child to the state, and we don’t keep grade records on your child.

Please begin the registration process with the form below:

If you have any concerns, please contact Melissa at (205) 616-7947.

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